Planning a party can be a simple proccess if done properly and with this guide it will be a breeze to keep your party fun but controlled.

The Basics.


You need to know what rooms you are willing to have people in and so do your friends. Taking into consideration how many people are invited to your party and what the weather forecast is looking like, decide where the limits are for your party and make this obvious to your invitees. With the summer coming up, a party outside can be a perfect situation – as long as your neighbours don’t mind a bit of noise!


What is a party without friends? This is your night, invite who you want to come, however; be sure to set a limit on your invites, and don’t let it slip. Next step: invite them. Plus-ones can become an issue so when you’re creating a group chat or an event it is essential to set out the rules on bringing a friend. Bear in mind that there will be people that can’t make it.


Consider having your party on a night that you know will work for everyone, and a time that doesn’t either cut the party short or keep in going until morning. Remember that when you’re inviting your friends, set the invite 20 to 30 minutes earlier than you would like people to turn up – chances are your friends will want to arrive slightly after the designated time.

Shopping trip!


Buying drinks for your night is an obvious one but don’t feel like you have to be the #1 supplier, ask your friends to bring their own and save yourself some money. When you do buy your share of drinks, however; be sure to look out for cheap deals on supermarket websites before you go out to buy.


At a house party, guests are capable of ordering a takeaway to keep themselves happy, however; its a good idea to gather a few essentials on your shopping trip – crisps, cocktail sausages etc. Organising a time for a takeaway is a good way to keep everyone happy and keep the mess all in one place.



A party without music is like a car without fuel, a phone without a charger, a bike without wheels; it’s useless. A perfect playlist can be the fuel to a party so it’s crucial to get this step right. First you must choose your platform, Spotify is a perfect way to get your songs together and many playlists are already created for this purpose. However, if you use Spotify, it’s best to have premium to avoid ad breaks in the middle of your party.

When you create your playlist think about the order of your songs. Roughly the first hour of your playlist should consist of slower, ‘build-up’ songs for the start of your party. After this, build up your songs to the prime time of your party. Do the maths, think about what time is most likely to be the start of your party depending on your start time and the amount of people.

Tip: We all have our own favourites, but remember that no more that 15% of your songs can get away with not being well-known. Think about your invitees and what songs will be enjoyed by the whole party. Nobody likes a song better than one that everyone can sing along too.


Of course, you want the party to entertain itself and for the music to be enough. But sometimes it’s not and a party game can really kick off the night. Team games such as beer pong can bring together the party and remove any awkwardness between guests. Be prepared, even if you don’t think you will play a game,  gather what you need for atleast one.


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