source: @nicoleeddy

Relaxation and inspiration are just two of the effects of watching a Ben Brown vlog and after having a break from daily vlogging, the travel vlogger is back, albeit not daily, with bigger and better plans on the horizon.

Ben Brown has been out of the game for a good three months, which he later has explained in detail in an update video to be down to not being happy creating vlogs on a daily basis and his feeling of wanting to move away from something that doesn’t make him happy anymore.

I’ve always had this rule, for as long as i can remember, that I was going to eventually make a living and a career out of something that I enjoy, and if that changed I must change my career.

But now he is back with energy and an excitement to put out great content, which appears to be arriving immediately after uploading a video named “season two, episode one” which begins the vlogs coming from a road trip from Cape Town, all the way up to Nairobi.

The trip will see Ben, his girlfriend Nicole and his land rover defender (Pumba) roadtrip through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawe, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho. This trip is sure to bring tons of brilliant content full of Browns usual beatiful cinematic shots, humour and inspirational story lines. More information on this trip is explained in the recently uploaded update video. 

hqdefault As well as regular vlogs, fans of Ben Brown will be treated to another Visual Vibes video. These videos are a more cinematic, less vloggy, more refined travel videos that the British film-maker releases on a rare basis and the African roadtrip visual vibes is sure to be another fantastic, mind capturing short film.

Another way to keep up with the fast moving life of the vlogger is by watching Nicole Eddy’s vlogs that are also following the African roadtrip.