GlobalEyes contributor, Jamie van Bragt, traveled to Milton Keynes’ Xscape to test out Snozone, an artificial winter sports centre.

We all know that no artificial snowsports centre will beat the true feeling of snowboarding or skiing in the alps or any other mountain range, but Snowzone certainly makes a fun and easy substitute between trips.

After commuting for two hours to Milton Keynes, we arrived at the huge dome structure, home to tons of shops, fitness facilities and extreme sports activities like indoor skydiving and rock climbing.

Booking in advance made the proccess very simple, requiring us to simply sign in before being let loose on the slopes. However, bear in mind you must be able to “link turns, control your speed, use a button lift and fit your boots correctly” to have access to a slope pass. Lessons are available if you’re looking to prepare for your first trip to the slopes.

Being a stingy student myself, the main positive I found in Snozone was the great value offer of a three hour pass for just £22 on Wednesday’s, so long as you have a student card or another form of proof of being a student. This deal is a huge plus for myself and students alike, especially since Wednesdays seem to leave the slopes rather clear!

This three hours, however, can become slightly repetitive after a while of trapsing up and down the same route over and over, which provides me with the main downside of Snozone and most other artificial ski-slopes. You just simply cannot beat the real deal.

On the other hand, it is clear that these places are not meant as a replacement but simply a quick, easy and relatively cheap substitute for snowboarding or skiing abroad and provide a fantastic chance to get some winter sports experience through lessons.

After three hours of enjoying a little bit of that feeling of freedom snowboarding gives myself and many more, I have already booked in to return for another dose and I’d encourage anybody else to do the same.